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.Bio-tech company established in Oct. 2000 in Kaohsiung,Taiwan
.Technology transfer of AMIGAP from GeneWay in Aug. 2002.
.Get a US$280,000 research fund from Taiwan Economic Dept. in Aug. 2003.
.Win a prize of Second Award of National New Company in Oct. 2003.
.Develop Anti-H. Pylori antibody product in May 2004.
.Application of a patent of genes predicting prognosis of patients with
 Hepato-cellular carcinoma in June 2004.
.Establish the first chicken farm for IgY antibodies production in Aug. 2004.
.Produced 200 IgY antibodies in May 2005.
.Get a US$70,000 research fund from TaAnti-Streptococcus mutansiwan Economic Dept. in Aug. 2009.
.Produced 4 different IgY food for
Anti-Enterovirus 71 (EV-IgY),
Anti-Helicobacter pylori (HP-IgY),
Anti-Streptococcus mutans (SM-IgY),Anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA-IgY)
Anti-Gastrointestinal bacteria (GI-IgY).
.Produced Anti-Propionibacterium acnes IgY (P.Acne-IgY)
.ELISA Kits,Recombinant protein,Microbeads agent
.We devote to the health management and preventive medicine.
.Production rhPDGF-BB, rhEGF, Multiple growth factors


Anti-EV71 Total IgY
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Anti-adiponectin IgY
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Anti-SOX5B IgY
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Anti-Her2 IgY
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Anti-Haptoglobin IgY
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Anti-Thioredoxin IgY
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Anti-Laminin IgY
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Anti-DNMT1 IgY
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Anti-ApoAI IgY
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Anti-TTR IgY
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Anti-M6PR IgY
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